10 tips to sell art on the street

I have been selling my hand-made ceramic jewelry, laminated bookmarks with inspiring quotes on the back and simple macrame accessories on the streets of Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and so I have learnt some tricks, which I enjoy sharing with potential sellers of any kind of hand-made art!

  1. DSCF5377 BE NICE = SMILE  Naturally. Have you ever met someone who likes to deal with somber person? Here we go. Even if you are selling the most original and amazingly-looking products, your gloomy face for sure will scare potential clients.
  2. HAVE A STORY TO TELL The originality/quality/beauty of your art objects is only, let’s say, 55 percents of success. The rest is the way you present them, and if you have an interesting story to tell about your things, why you sell, what they means, what they brings, how you make them – the people will remember it and will desire having this special thing, that will remind them the beautiful story!
  3. ENJOY Remember: you are doing this not just to make your money. You are there because you like it. Teach yourself to like the process at least as much as the result. Enjoy people watching, eye-contacts, random smiles, be creative at your conversations with strangers, speak to them even if they don’t seem to buy your stuff. Be here and now.Then people see you love what you do, and live what you love, they respect you more, and they want to have a part of this, which your art is.
  4. STAY BUSY   If you are watching people passing by most of them would probably feel too intimidated to get closer. If they will see you working on your products , arranging your place or whatever you can investigate, they will be more curious and feel free to get closer and observe what are you doing there.
  5. BE ORGANIZED  As you never know when your clients will come and they tend to come all at the same time or no one. People want to buy when they see other people buying. So have the money for change prepared and organized, so that twenty clients are not getting nervous waiting for you and you are not loosing clients.
  6. OFFER DIVERSITY  It is always better to have both cheap and expensive things. If people like you and your art it still doesn’t mean they are able to afford anything and pay a fortune. But even if they don’t understand or don’t like it too much, they will probably buy something cheap to symbolically support you if they think you are nice.
  7. BE COLORFUL Colors attract attention and enlighten the mood. Thats a scientific fact.
  8. CHECK OUT THE WEATHER When the weather is sunny, people are happier and they tend to buy things on the street. So try not to loose the sunny hours and choose the sunny place as people always look better in the sun, same do the products. When it is windy/gray/rainy/stormy everyone who will pass by will only think of the warm shelter and how to get there as soon as possible, which means, won’t care about you and your arts at all.
  9. DON’T GIVE UP  The hope never dies, have you heard about it? So let it be so. There is a possibility that you sell nothing during the whole day and there is the  possibility that you’ll sell everything during the first hour. Don’t feel sorry about yourself standing there so lonely without a penny in your pocket and things like that. Enjoy the day, you are not doing any hard work and there are many distractions and beautiful things around you, wherever you are. And there are many great things that can happen to you even if you don’t sell anything. Sometimes just a nice chat or a little detail as a stranger giving you a banana can simply make your day.
  10. THINK POSITIVE Very old and banal, but true : think positive and you will attract the positive. Thoughts tend to materialize, so take it easy and enjoy the moment.

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