The word “Talisman” comes from the Arabic word talsam (طلسم), from an alteration of late Greek telesma (τέλεσμα), “completion, religious rite”, itself from the word teleō (τελέω) which means “I complete, perform a rite”. Talisman is considered an object which contains certain magical power and is meant to protect it’s owner from the bad luck and bring to his life certain types of things. I suppose that people who believe in energies would understand very well, how it goes: as the talismans are connected to archetypes and some ancient symbols that come from the pagan tribes from all around the world, they carry with them that energy, and, apart of it, they are filled with mine, the one I put while creating them and concentrating on the each symbol meaning and positiveness. The ones who takes this subject skeptically can enjoy the aesthetic part. The meanings are explained below, the counting starts at each line from the left to the right. All of them come with either black or purple rope. Stay happy 🙂

1. Photo camera. The creativity for photographers.
2. The wave. Emotional balance.
3. Animal steps. Braveness on the road
4. Circle of calmness.
5. Snake. Wisdom.
6. Cow. Fertility and maternity.
7. Heart. Love.
8. Circle of life with four elements. Inner harmony.
9. Spring. Youth and blossoming.
10. Circle of infinity, wholeness and unity.
11. Sun, the lightness of being.
12. Wild bird footprint. Courage and freedom.
13. Deep water. Inspiration for thinkers.
14. Spring flower. Joy.
15. Earth. Security.
16. Circle of wisdom and unity.


1. Bright sun. Happy life.
2. White and blue circle.Clean mind.
3. Widsom and creativity.
4. Star. Purity and good luck.
5. Ladybird. Symbol of past lives and luck.
6. Goat – ceaseless energy.
7. Rabbit. Abundance and comfort.
8. Friendship.
9. Freedom.
10. Footprint. Happiness on the road.
11. Creative freedom.
12. Heart. Love
13. The circle of energy and contact with nature.
14. The Lizard, symbol of dreams and other realities.
15. Pig. Wealth and fortune.
16. “Om” sacred Sanskrit syllable, if You know, You know.



1. Magic eye that saves you.
2. Travels and freedom.
3. Pomegranate-turtle. Wisdom and luck.
4. The eye that saves you.
5. Rain, the symbol of cleansing.
6. Circle of fortune.
7. Circle of enlightenment and calmness.
8. Circle for philosophers.
9. For seasons circle means contact with nature.
10. We all know what this means.
11. Crab-turtle. For wise wanderers.
12. Good luck symbol for nomadic ones.
13. The symbol of other dimensions and realities.
14. For cosmos lovers.
15. Sea and eternity.
16. The eye for sorcerers.


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